Additions to the flock



This past month, we’ve been very excited to produce enough eggs to sell a few dozen per week to friends and coworkers, as we get about 12-14 per day from our 17 hens. (I am convinced they lay more somewhere else.) There has been a bit of education on why our hens are not vegetarian fed (their primary diet being bugs) and the benefits of soy-free, pastured, organically fed eggs. The feedback has been wonderful so far and we are so happy to help nourish other families along with our own.

So last week, Judah & I picked up 23 more 19 week old red sex link pullets, our favorite for laying huge brown eggs while being very active foragers. The sun was out, it was fairly warm, and he was quite helpful as I was transferring them alone. He closed the carrier each time I loaded one, and all went smoothly until bird 23 when he left it open and I almost lost them all! Thankfully, they were all a bit shell shocked from the transfer and didn’t rush out faster than I could close the carrier door, but those three year old assistants always keep you on your toes! We are very hopeful the new hens will start to lay soon so we can keep up with egg orders, and give these amazing orange yolks to all who desire them!


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