The VABF Conference

Hello out there! It’s been a while without a post, I know, I know… it’s for good reason, I assure you–much has been happening for the last couple months and I will do my best to get everyone caught up on all the hubbub as soon as possible.

It was my birthday at the end of January and my gift (from my lovely wife) was a ticket to the Virginia Biological Farming Conference! And what a gift it was: there were many workshops chock full of info that will help us develop our land into a fully operational farmstead! I attended workshops on how to run a market greenhouse , edible landscaping, small farm structures, beneficial instects,  herd management, and more, but the most enlightening workshop I went to was an all day, pre-conference event with Gunther Hawk on the subject of Biodynamics and beekeeping. It was phenomenal!

Gunther Hawk at the VABF ConferenceIt was inspiring and uplifting despite the challenging status for bees at this time and prepared me well for starting work with our first bee hive this spring. Gunther, formerly a Waldorf class teacher, also discussed Biodynamic farming in general and covered the preparations that are prescribed for healing the land and our food. I was also very excited to apply theses preparations to our land as we move along and develop over the years. Gunther (Pictured above) was a fountainhead of knowledge and a very witty presenter. I highly suggest you check out his website for up coming classes and information on why bees are so important, especially today–
Bee well!

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