Farmstead Products

Eggs $5/dozen: That might sound expensive to you, but, while we might not sell any honey (yet), these eggs are the bee’s knees! Our chickens are not out on pasture, but, rather, roaming the woodland’s edge, a chicken’s natural habitat. Everyday our chickens have access to forage and are fed a consistent supply of veggie, fruit, and bread cast-offs (some organic and some conventional) from a health foods store in Richmond, and are supplemented with New Country Organics Poultry Organic (and non-gmo) Layer Feed. Not only do they eat great food, but they also get a lot of love!

Fresh Herbs $3/bundle (2 oz.): We currently offer: Peppermint, Lemonbalm, Marjoram, Oregano, Garlic Chives, Onion Chives.

Fresh Livestock Herb Bundles $3: Wormwood (natural dewormer) and comfrey (fodder supplement or soil fertilizer) bundles.

Fresh Tea Beacon Blends $3: Have you ever made tea using fresh herbs from the garden? It is truly amazing! Our Beacon Blend has a delicate flavor with a calming, yet rejuvenating effect. This is because we like to take a walk on the wild side, utilizing both cultivated herbs such as peppermint, lemonbalm, and marjoram along with wildcrafted herbs like plantain, dandelion, and crimson clover blossoms. This turns a tasty tea into a life invigorating tonic!

Potted herbs $3: For those who want a gift that will keep on giving, we are currently offering potted Peppermint and Marjoram. They will grow great in a container and run absolutely wild if planted in the ground!

Potted Sunchokes $20: Have you ever had a Sunchoke? It has the fresh crunchy texture of a water chestnut with a sweet and mild nutty finish (connoisseurs aren’t just for wine, you know). Quite possibly the most underrated vegetable of all time, the sunchoke, a gorgeous relative of the sunflower, is a great substitute for white potatoes if you or a loved one has diabetes, or if you are on a paleo diet. One potted plant will grow anywhere from 3-10 pounds of crisp and delicious tubers (75-200 of them in fact) that can store for months in the refrigerator, or can even be left in the soil over winter to be harvested as needed. Sunchokes usually sell for $9.99/pound, which would leave you way ahead even you end up with a low producing plant. I recommend keeping your sunchoke plant in a pot and away from garden beds and cultivated lawns because they are persistently perennial and once they’re in the ground it’s pretty difficult to get rid of them. With that said, if you do plant them in the ground, you will likely have a lifetime supply of sunchokes (you can consider me the willy Wonka of the sunchoke world and you, my friend, just found the golden ticket!).

Other Beacon Farmstead products to look forward to this season:
– Dried teas
– Dried herbs
– Radishes
– Kale
– Salad Mixes
– Summer Squash
– American Guinea Hog Heritage Breed Pork cuts
– Silver Fox Heritage Breed Meat Rabbits

Thank you for your interest in our Farm and please check back soon for updates!
Be well and remember to live your life as a beacon!

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