I’ve been flirting with the idea of starting a blog for years, but it just never seemed like the right time. It wasn’t so much a matter of being too busy or not having a story to tell–for some reason I just felt like I needed to wait it out…and now I know why.
With this blog we intend to unveil our lives out here on the farmstead so that others may join in on our joys, accompany us in our accomplishments, and share with us our struggles as we assemble a beacon of regenerative agriculture in the woods of Mineral, Virginia. We will post secret gluten-free and paleo family recipes, personal poetry, art, ideas in home education, thoughts on parenting, lessons in permaculture, tips on natural health, 1001 ways to use a Vitamix, and so much more. Each week you will be reading posts from me (Josh) or my lovely wife (Julia). We might have some guest contributors as well, considering that we have many friends who have a great wealth of knowledge!
However you might have found us, be it a google search or by word of mouth, you are here and we would like to welcome you to our journey here at Beacon Farmstead!