Jeepers Peepers!

Some will probably argue it, but spring is here–or at least the frogs and toads seem to think so!


For the past few weeks, our days (and especially nights) have been filled with the chirps and cricks of the “spring peepers.” I hadn’t really heard of or noticed these little ones before, but after experiencing them out here on the farmstead in such symphonic surround sound, I will forever perceive them as a sign of the season.

Just so you are aware, if you play the video below, you will certainly witness some frog-on-frog-on-frog action (viewer discretion is advised ­čÖé

Here is the start of a lovely biology lesson that has unfolded before us. We’ll include more pictures as the tadpoles develop.


These helixes started forming in our garden swales and really perplexed me before I took some time to look closer. Those aren’t chia seeds, folks. We’re expecting…tadpoles!20140419-203203.jpg

We couldn’t ask for a better home-education lesson for Judah. Julia and I both had what would typically be considered excellent educational experiences while growing up, but neither of us had witnessed anything like this before (note Judah’s reflection in the water)!20140419-203223.jpg

The tiniest tadpoles just after hatching.20140419-203437.jpg

Starting to beef-up.20140419-203452.jpg

In permaculture, we make use of the abundance and productivity found in the edges of systems because it is nature’s tendency to do so–this concept is made quite clear by┬áthe actions┬áof the tadpole!20140419-203520.jpg


Here’s what these serious swimmers can do (it’s quite mesmerizing┬áto watch):

Stay tuned. There’s more to come!